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More devices in your home use the internet than ever before – and the number is growing every year. Midco Gig Internet helps you avoid buffering, slow downloads and lag. With gigabit internet, you get more bandwidth and capacity to power all the devices in your home.1

Is Gig Right for Me?


The average home today has seven devices connected to the internet.2 What’s it like in your home? It’s not just laptops and phones anymore. Think about everything else – gaming consoles, smart TVs, printers, exercise equipment, smart kids’ toys, thermostats, refrigerators, ovens, security cameras and even bathroom scales.


Did you know that devices share the bandwidth over your connection? The more devices you have connected, the less bandwidth there is to go around. Midco Gig technology delivers the capacity to connect it all – and keep everyone happy.


Most devices connect via wireless to your home network, leaving the door open for wireless interference. The construction of your home, other Wi-Fi networks and even electronics themselves can interfere with your signal. Extra bandwidth from gig makes for a smoother experience.

A World of Connections


  • If you have more than one gaming console on your network, those gaming consoles have to share bandwidth.
  • What games are you playing? Minecraft, Fortnite and World of Warcraft take up different amounts of bandwidth.
  • Do you play with others online? Those connections can make a difference in how much bandwidth you use.
  • Do you have small children with tablets in your home? What videos or interactive games are they playing that use your internet?

Say goodbye to slowdowns and lag with gig.

Binge Watchers

  • How much YouTube do you and your roommates or family stream?
  • Do you sometimes work from home and need to use video conferencing or Skype? How about Facebook Video Chat or FaceTime with family?
  • Don’t forget about your streaming apps. Do you ever watch Outlander while someone else in your home is watching Game of Thrones and your toddler watches a favorite show on Netflix on their tablet?

Stream all 10 seasons of your favorite series without any buffering.

Home Security & Automation

  • Home security systems like Midco SmartHOME™ use your internet to connect your door locks, motion sensors, thermostats and more to the in-home hub, as well as to your mobile phone and/or a professional monitoring center.
  • Have an Amazon Echo or Google Home device? These use your internet to connect to smart devices throughout your home.
  • Does your fridge or your Roomba vacuum connect to the internet?

Keep your connections strong on all your devices with gigabit internet.

Friends & Family

  • Taking an online class? If your roommate is gaming online while you’re trying to take a test, it could slow down your speeds.
  • If you work from home – sometimes or all the time – you need the bandwidth to handle your workload and keep you productive.
  • When your kids invite friends over, what devices are they bringing with them and connecting?

Gig helps keep the peace with enough room for everyone.

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Gigabit Technology

Midco offers both standard and wireless modems for gigabit speeds. A DOCSIS 3.1 modem is required to achieve the speeds available with Midco’s gigabit internet service. If you use a standard modem, you will also need a gigabit-capable wireless router.

Midco wireless modems include a powerful combination of advanced features, including:

  • More wireless antennas make these modems more powerful than DOCSIS 3.0 modems. These antennas broadcast and receive wireless signals to and from your devices, known as 4x4 multiple input multiple output (MIMO) technology.
  • Our modems have optimized Wi-Fi signals and dual-band wireless capabilities to give you both 5 GHz and 2.4 GHz frequency signals to connect. 5 GHz frequencies have faster data rates at a shorter distance, while 2.4 GHz gives you great distance coverage but with slower speeds.
  • Bandwidth steering allows newer devices to work with both frequencies and automatically steer connect to the frequency providing the best signal.
  • Midco modems adhere to the most recent Wi-Fi standard – 801.11ac – which, while it’s been around for a decade, becomes even more powerful when combined with MIMO technology.

Business Benefits

While Midco has offered gigabit Ethernet via direct fiber for years, Midco Gig is a cost-effective way for smaller businesses to enjoy the benefits of gigabit internet. With the large amount of bandwidth it provides for your business network, multiple users will be able to be online at the same time, working and downloading without being impacted by each other’s online activities.

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Services may not be available in all areas, and some restrictions apply. Visit Midco.com/Shop to check serviceability, or contact us at Midco.com/Contact. This material includes references to products, services and/or equipment not manufactured by Midco. The respective companies retain trademark and registered trademark ownership for those referenced items.
1 Actual internet speeds may vary depending on your computer or mobile device’s capability and the number of devices accessing the internet at once. Higher speeds may also be impacted by third-party equipment such as your router or the limitations of wireless technology. A DOCSIS 3.1 modem is required for Midco Gig Internet or Midco Internet 500.
2 https://index.kaspersky.com/metrics/deviceusage/allcountries-h22017-all-all