Vacation Plan

Vacation Plan

If you’re a part-time resident, a college student or travel a lot, you can put your Midco services temporarily on hold. The vacation plan allows you to suspend services if you’re away for more than 30 days, but less than six months.

  • Reduce monthly cost while you’re away for an extended period of time.
  • Keep your Midco equipment in your home – so you don’t have to worry about returning it.
  • Keep your Midco email address, and access it from anywhere while you’re away.
  • Keep your home phone number and directory listings.
  • Access ESPN3 remotely (if you’re a Midco internet customer).
  • Rest easy that services will be reconnected when you return – and it’s hassle-free because you don’t have to meet a Midco technician. We’ll take care of it for you.

Contact us at 1.800.888.1300 to enroll in the vacation plan. We’ll explain the program and gather necessary information to set you up.

Two weeks before your vacation plan expires, we’ll send you a letter or email to let you know – and when services will be reconnected. No action is needed if you want to reconnect on that date. If you need to make a change or have questions, call us.

  • You can use the vacation plan if you’ll be away more than 30 days, but under six months.
  • To participate in the program, your Midco account must be current on payments (not past due).
  • If you have Midco SmartHOME, this service is not eligible to go on the vacation plan. Because Midco internet service is required for Midco SmartHOME, your internet service would also need to continue normally. (Note: Midco SmartHOME app remote monitoring availability varies by country if you're trying to access from outside the U.S.)
  • If you have a third-party home security system that you’d like to keep – and it requires an internet or phone connection – your Midco internet or phone service must remain active.
  • Midco cable TV services and TV Everywhere online streaming are not available when the vacation plan is active.
  • If you’re on an offer, your savings will pause while you’re away and will resume when you return. However, if you’re on a limited-time offer, the offer date will not extend due to the vacation plan.
  • If someone calls your home phone while you’re on the vacation plan, they’ll receive a message saying that you’re not accepting calls at this time.
  • Enrollment in this seasonal service is free.
  • There’s a small, one-time fee to reinstate services, and that will appear on your first Midco statement after you’ve reconnected.
  • While you’re away, your Midco statement will be reduced. It will still include charges for:
    • Equipment (whether you lease or own your modem/cable box, a small charge remains so we can reconnect without a technician visit to reactivate service for your return)
    • Phone lines
    • Any services not on the vacation plan

Make sure you set up auto pay, so you don't miss a payment while you're away.