Equipment Support

In-Home Touchscreen

Your in-home touchscreen is the center of your home security system. It lets you arm and disarm your system, monitor the status of your sensors, view cameras and other devices, and send emergency alarms.

Security Cameras

Connect up to six cameras to your system’s in-home touchscreen. Capture pictures and view live video from these cameras at any time – no matter where you are – using your mobile app and the online subscriber portal.

Door Locks

Lock or unlock your doors using the app, in-home touchscreen or online portal – or create rules to lock or unlock your doors at specific times.

Smart Bulbs & Outlets

Control the lights in your home, and make sure you never leave something on after you leave. You can also set schedules for your lamps and lights to turn on at certain times every day – so it looks like you’re home, even when you’re not.

Sensors & Detectors

Connect up to 64 sensors to your home security system to help you protect your home – whether you’re in your house or away. Keep an eye on your doors and windows, and monitor areas for movement. Watch for water in your basement and carbon monoxide in the air. Get notifications through the app, and know the authorities will be called immediately if needed.


Control your home’s temperature with just a touch of your finger – whether you’re sitting on the couch in the living room or at your desk at work. It’s easy to set up automated schedules for your thermostat as well, so it’s always just the right temperature.

You can have a Midco SmartHOME security system installed if you rent your home or apartment. However, there are some restrictions on equipment. For example, you cannot have outdoor cameras installed in an apartment complex. Contact us for more information.

You must also have a Landlord Permission Form completed before we can install your home security system.

All electronic equipment eventually needs new batteries. If your Midco SmartHOME system alerts you that a piece of equipment has a low battery, contact us. For a one-time $5 charge (plus $3 shipping and handling), we’ll send a replacement battery to your home, so you can install it yourself – without needing a visit from a technician.

For step-by-step instructions on replacing your batteries, locate the specific equipment on the pages above.

Midco SmartHOME is not available in all areas. Certain equipment may be limited by local ordinance or dwelling. Midco SmartHOME requires Midco Internet 50 service or higher. The Midco SmartHOME app and Subscriber Portal are not accessible from all countries outside of the United States. Service is provided under Terms and Conditions at Midco.com/Legal.