Security Cameras

Check on Your Home

Your security cameras give you a window into your home no matter where you are. Connect up to six cameras to your system’s touchscreen at a time, and view live video from these cameras at any time – no matter where you are – using the mobile app or online subscriber portal.

Capture pictures and video clips manually, or set up rules to take video or pictures if a sensor is tripped. You can even record 24 hours of video from one camera on your system.

Keep in mind:

  • Outdoor cameras cannot be installed in multi-family dwellings, such as an apartment building or duplex.
  • Midco does not have access to images or video from your security system.
In the App

After logging into the app:

  • Scroll through your available camera feeds and tap the camera you’d like to view. Any available video clips or pictures from this camera will show up on the right side of your screen.
    • Select Record Video or Take Picture to capture a video clip or image with the currently selected camera.
  • Tap Activity in the main app menu, and use the calendar on the top of the screen to find video or image events. You can also tap Filter and select Pictures & Videos to filter your activity. 
On the Touchscreen

To view live video from cameras installed on your system, tap the Cameras app.

  • If only one camera is connected to the system, live video will automatically appear.
  • If you have multiple cameras, your touchscreen will display thumbnails for those cameras. Select the camera thumbnail image to view live video from a specific camera.
In the Online Portal

As of October 15, 2018, the online subscriber portal is no longer supported. We recommend you download the Midco SmartHOME app on your mobile device instead.

  1. Log in to online Subscriber Portal.
  2. On the toolbar, select Cameras and then Live Video.
  3. Click the thumbnail image above the video to view live video from each camera.
    • Select Take Video Clip or Take Picture to capture a video clip or image with the currently selected camera.
    • Delete snapshots or video clips by selecting one or more check boxes, and then clicking the trash can.

You can record continuous video from one camera at a time to a 64 GB Class 10 SD memory card (available for purchase from Midco) inserted into your in-home touchscreen. You can store up to seven days of 24-hour, recorded video on the memory card.

For 24/7 recording, you must use a 64 GB Class 10 SD memory card.

  • If you aren’t using a Class 10 SD card, the in-home touchscreen will display a message asking you to insert a 64 GB Class 10 SD card. It will not start recording until you insert the correct SD card.
  • If your SD card is Class 10, but below 64 GB, you cannot record video 24/7. The in-home touchscreen will give you an estimate of how many hours of recording your SD card can hold.

Video can only be recorded from a single camera at a time. To switch recording to a different camera:

  1. On the camera thumbnails screen on your touchscreen, tap the camera thumbnail for the camera you’d like to record.
  2. If another camera is still recording, a warning message will display. Select Continue to stop the current recording and start recording on the new camera, or select Cancel.
  3. Enter your master four-digit passcode. Recording will switch to the selected camera.

You can watch your 24/7 recorded video on your in-home touchscreen. (You cannot view this video on your app or online portal, since it is stored on the memory card installed in your touchscreen.)

  1. Open the Cameras app on the touchscreen.
  2. Press the View Recorded Video button at any time during the recording to display the timeline of recorded video segments.
    • Video clips will appear on the timeline after five minutes of recording have elapsed.
    • Video segments record in five-minute intervals (such as 1:05, 1:10 and 1:15). If you start recording at 1:03, the first recorded segment will be two minutes (1:03-1:05), and then the next recorded segments will be five full minutes (1:05-1:10).
  3. Select previously recorded video segments to play back by sliding the timeline selector left or right of the marker. The video for that segment will play automatically. If there were events during that segment, they will appear on the Events Panel to the left of the camera view. In the Events Panel, video segments display as color-coded bars.
    • Black – No video is available.
    • Orange – An event occurred.
    • Purple – A door lock event occurred.
    • Gray – Video is available, but no events occurred.
    • Red – The system was armed.
    • Green – The system was disarmed.
Tips for Playing Back Video
  • Use the media controls to pause, play, move to the next clip, move to the previous clip, and toggle full-screen mode.
  • Toggle the timeline between the hour or minute to search for a specific time or event. When the Hour button is selected, the segments on the timeline are in one-hour increments. When the Minute button is selected, the segments are in five-minute increments.
  • Tap on any event in the Events Panel to start playing recorded video five seconds before that event.
  • Drag the slider on the playback bar left or right across the camera view while a video segment is playing to select a specific time in the segment.

You can only play back your memory card’s encrypted video on your touchscreen using the Cameras app. To view recorded video using another video player, you have to transfer your video clips to a USB drive. The clips will be available in one-hour segments on the USB drive.

IMPORTANT: Video files saved to the USB drive are unencrypted.

  1. Insert a USB drive into the USB port on the side of the touchscreen.
  2. On the timeline, select the video clip that you want to save.
  3. Select Save to USB.
  4. Enter your master four-digit passcode.

The video will save as a single file to the USB drive. A Save Complete message will appear when the file transfer is complete. Each video file saved to the USB drive includes aggregated video clips from the 30-minute time period before and after the selected time.

The name of each file includes the timestamps of both the beginning and end of the saved video in the following format:<begin-date>_<begin-time>-<end-date>_<end-time>.mp4

  • Example: 2015-04-10_075349-2015-04-10_082501.mp4

You can delete the recorded video on the SD card from the touchscreen.

IMPORTANT: This action reformats the SD card – permanently deleting everything from the memory card.

  1. Open the Cameras app on the touchscreen.
  2. Tap View Recorded Video.
  3. Tap Settings.
  4. Tap Delete All Recordings.

Midco SmartHOME is not available in all areas. Certain equipment may be limited by local ordinance or dwelling. Midco SmartHOME requires Midco Internet 50 service or higher. The Midco SmartHOME app and Subscriber Portal are not accessible from all countries outside of the United States. Service is provided under Terms and Conditions at Midco.com/Legal.