Call Blocking & Screening

Anonymous Call Rejection

Reject all incoming calls that have been blocked or marked as private or anonymous calls. Please note some calls do not have caller ID information, because of equipment limitations of the caller’s service provider.

To activate anonymous call rejection:

  • Lift your handset, and press *77. KS customers will hear a message confirming the feature has been activated. MN, ND, SD customers will hear two fast busy signals to confirm that the service has been activated.

After activation, anonymous callers hear a message stating that you're not accepting blocked calls, and your phone doesn't ring. The message instructs callers to dial *82 and to redial your number in order to reach you, which will unblock them for one call.

To deactivate anonymous call rejection:

  • KS customers: Lift your handset, and press *78. A message will confirm the service has been cancelled.
  • MN, ND and SD customers: Lift your handset, and press *78. A stutter tone indicates the service has been cancelled. 

Who: MN, ND and SD phone customers with access to anonymous call rejection in My Account

  1. Log in to My Account.
  2. Click Home Phone and then Manage Phone Features.
  3. Select your phone number in the dropdown. Please note that it may take up to 20 seconds to connect to your phone features.
  4. Go to the Anonymous Call Rejection section to see the status of this feature on your account. Click Disable to turn it off, or Enable to turn it on. You’ll be prompted to confirm whether you want to make this change. Click Yes or No.

Selective Call Rejection

Who: KS, MN, ND and SD phone customers

With selective call rejection, you can block up to 10 phone numbers from making incoming calls to your home phone number. In most instances, you may only be able to add a rejected number to your list after you’ve received a call from the unwanted number. We recommended you activate this feature immediately after hanging up from a call from the number you’d like to reject.

To activate and deactivate selective call rejection:

  1. Lift your handset, and press *60.
  2. Follow the recorded instructions.

Selective Call Acceptance

Who: KS phone customers

With selective call acceptance, Kansas customers can pre-select calls to accept calls from only certain numbers.


Who: KS phone customers

To activate selective call acceptance:

  1. Lift your handset, and press *64.
    • To turn service on or off, press 3.
    • To add an entry to the list, press #.
    • To remove an entry from the list of numbers, press *.
    • To hear all entries on list, press 1.
    • To repeat these options, press 0.

Callers not on your list will hear an announcement that you're not receiving calls at this time.

To deactivate selective call acceptance:

  1. Lift your handset, and press *84.
  2. Follow the voice instructions.

Terminating Call Manager

Who: MN, ND and SD phone customers

Terminating call manager from Midco automatically block robocalls, telemarketers, polling services and other unsolicited calls. You can add this feature to your Midco phone service for a one-time activation fee.

  • This service “screens” all your home phone calls, and allows local calls to connect automatically.
  • When unwanted callers attempt to reach you, they hear the announcement, “The number you have reached does not accept calls from telemarketers. If you are a telemarketer, please add this number to your Do Not Call Registry and hang up now. Otherwise, please press ‘1’ or stay on the line.”
  • Regular long-distance callers will hear the announcement the first time they call, and then the service learns that they are an accepted caller.

Do Not Disturb

Who: KS phone customers

Want to silence incoming calls from ringing to your home phone? Just turn on the do not disturb feature.

To activate do not disturb:

  • Lift your handset, and press *76.

Your phone will not ring for any incoming calls.

To deactivate do not disturb:

  • Lift your handset, and press *79.

Your phone ringer is turned on for incoming calls.


Prevent Unwanted Calls

National and state Do Not Call registries help block telemarketers, but according to the Federal Trade Commission (FTC), scammers continue to innovate new ways to work around these registries.

While most legitimate companies don’t call if your number is on the registry, scammers will. Advances in technology have made it cheap and easy for scammers to make illegal calls from anywhere in the world, and to hide from law enforcement by displaying fake caller ID information. Terminating call manager from Midco could help you avoid these kinds of callers. (Terminating call manager is available to Midco phone customers in MN, ND and SD.)